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Skincare to make you feel like royalty

Luxurious Bath & Body Products for Silky Smooth Skin

  Natural Ingredients



dead skin is ruining your bEAUTIFUL skin!

Do you STRUGGLE with Dry, Rough, or Dull Skin?  Aren't you TIRED of spending money on products that just don't work?  Wouldn't it feel AMAZING to finally find a skincare product that will get rid of it once and for all? 

We understand and we're here to help!

We Care About The Health & Beauty of Your Skin!

Struggling with rough skin?

Scrub away Dead Skin Buildup using Pristine Salt Crystals from the the Mediterranean Sea for  Silky Smooth Skin.

Tired of DRY SKIN?

Seal in moisture using Raw Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and other Natural Ingredients for Moisturized Skin. 

reveal Your Natural beauty!

Enjoy Beautiful & Radiant Skin covered in Gold Shimmer to Shine Bright & Glisten like a Diamond!

Product Review

“I really love how Diamonds by Dominique gets rid of my dead skin while moisturizing my skin at the same time! I am currently using the Cocoa Diamonds and it’s basically a two for one special! I love how my skin feels afterwards. It’s so smooth with a great shine to it! This product works WONDERS!! Thank you Dominique for such an amazing scrub that really gets the job done!”


Model, Actress, Brand Ambassador

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How To Use Diamonds By Dominique


Apply Diamonds to Clean, Dry or Damp Skin


Gently Massage in Small Circular Motions 


Rinse to Reveal Softer, More Beautiful Skin 

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