Hi Gorgeous!
I'm Dominique and I want to introduce you to my
Luxurious Diamonds! 

body scrubs black owned luxury exfoliate handmade body butter shea butter


Diamonds by Dominique is more than Body Scrubs... IT'S LUXURY IN A JAR!

When you use our Luxurious Body Scrubs, I want you to envision yourself exfoliating with real Diamonds.

Just like Diamonds, our Dead Sea Salt Crystals are pure and uniquely created with natural minerals and therapeutic benefits, unlike any other salt.
And as much as people go out their way to own genuine Diamonds, the Dead Sea in Israel and its salts have been a Mecca for travelers seeking relief from various ailments for centuries as far back as the days of Queen Cleopatra.

body scrubs black owned luxury exfoliate handmade body butter shea butter

Personally, I've loved Body Care for as long as I remember. At 6 years old, I remember falling in love with Victoria's Secret. I loved the brand's aesthetics. It screamed FEMININITY!

But, as I grew older and experienced skin allergies, I purchased Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter products to heal my skin. I loved the ingredients, but I never felt glamorous using them.

Most of the natural products I bought were basic. They rarely looked appealing and definitely didn't make me feel glamorous.

I wanted body care products that were therapeutic for the skin, made with yummy scents we know and love, and created with glamour and luxury!
That's when Diamonds by Dominique was born... body scrubs black owned luxury exfoliate handmade body butter shea butter


For years I didn't believe I deserved luxury skincare, due to my skin allergies, easily bruised skin, and childhood scars.

Showing my skin love with facials, trips to the spa, and weekly self-care spa days at home is what helped me get over that belief.

Using my Diamonds by Dominique reminds me that my skin my deserves quality ingredients and to normalize luxury in my life.

I've longed for luxurious skincare to make me feel beautiful. Now that I have her, I want to share my Diamonds with you...


Diamonds by Dominique is a Luxury Skincare line that uses ancient, rich, and all-natural ingredients to provide women with healthy skincare.

Our mission is to help customers eliminate harmful and toxic ingredients in their everyday skincare care products.

With an array of Dead Sea Salt Body Scrubs and All-Natural Body Butters, our customers are encouraged to live a Luxurious Lifestyle full of Self-Care & Self-Love.

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